1. Mrs. Cleen


(Champeaux and Cowherd)

She’s a vampire of Broadway in the city that needs some sleep. She’s queen of the velvet rope segue, she’s on your list +3. It’s easy to stay high in the big town, low maintenance don’t come cheap. But if you can fake it here you can fake it anywhere. Martinis grow on trees. Have you seen Mrs. Cleen. The tortured soul of Soho. You know the one I mean.

She likes to live in the future. She’s got a few psychic friends. They share some dump up in the eighties, they’re busy chasing trends. Summer in the Hamptons, these island winters are so cold. Things start to melt down for her in August. Look hard you can still find some snow. Have you seen Mrs. Cleen. The tortured soul of Soho, that’s my Mrs. Cleen. Have you seen Mrs. Cleen. She’s vacuum packed and neatly stacked you know the one I mean and nasty the attention grabbing freak. I tried to wash my hands of her to keep things neat…

Have you seen Mrs. Cleen…..